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Spring in Holland, land of bulbs 2011


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Just north of the village of “Vogelenzang” is situated the Amsterdam water supply in the dunes. It has a fantastic landscape, makes you feel being back in 1900. You can hike there all day long, but don’t forget to bring some money. Put two Euros in the machine to enter the place.

Today is Saturday 02.04.2011, it’s the first sunny day this spring and the temperature is rising above 20 degree Celsius.

Here you can find some old farms hiding in the forest. But not in this time of the year, when the flowers are growing in front of the farm.

Nature is waking up in Vogelenzang.

New leafs are born.

Also in the water there’s new life on it’s way.

Take your cycle and explore the beautiful landscape and enjoy the sun.

This farm must be over a 100 years old, just as the trees are.

New life is everywhere

Good morning sunshine! (Hey, strangers, what are you looking at.. !? )

South of Vogelenzang farmers are preparing the land for growing bulbs.

Just one more week and we can enjoy the tulips. In this time of the season there are a lot of Narcis and hyacinth flowers on the land. It smells wonderful.

These farmers are selling the fresh flowers directly from the land.

Every Hyacinth has also a unique name. These are called “Delft Blue”

This ones name is unknown, just call it beautiful.

Flowers, cycles, what is missing?! Wooden shoes? Sorry, we have not seen them.

Just a local standing in our way.

Tulips here are not expensive.

Flowers everywhere!

Please don’t move, i’m trying to take a picture of you!

It’s a nice view, but it’s also a big business in Holland. Warehouses are therefore a common view here.

A lot of people from Eastern Europe work here on the land.

This time of the year there are tourists coming from all over the world to watch the flowers.

Nice old house close to the village of Lisse.

It’s allowed to park your camper on this site, there are campers from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Scandinavia as well.

You can park your camper along the `Leidsevaart` and enjoy the view. The sign is in French and in German. Actually the German visitors are the majority of tourists visiting Holland.

Gay ducks ! 🙂

This male moorhen is busy collecting materials to build their nest.

Flowers for sale! Lots of bulbs are waiting in the warehouses for customers.

It´s easy to find your way in this area.

This canal streams from Leiden to Haarlem. Back in the old days horses had to pull the barges from the country to the city. Now these days the canals are used mostly for recreation.

Back in the village of Vogelenzang, up to this point we have been cycling almost 40 kilometers.

Foreign Geese are also visiting the fields. 🙂

A lonely lost Hyacinth among all the narcis flowers.

Just smile, i´m taking a picture of you! (local wildlife)

Wild flowers are everywhere

All pictures above are taken by Micky and Jan on this beautiful Saturday afternoon!

The red spots on the map mark the places in Holland where bulb plantations can be found.

To read more about this beautiful land just click this link.

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Laden ... Laden ...

Ik ben Jan en ik woon samen met Micky in Vogelenzang. Deze website gaat over de zaken die ons bezig houden in het leven zoals wonen, reizen, eten, natuur, opmerkelijke artikelen, youtube videos en sport. We houden werk gescheiden van prive, dus geen werk gerelateerde artikelen op deze website. Veel plezier en plaats gerust feedback onder de artikelen. Jan & Micky

2 Reacties

  • Jan

    Hi Jon K,

    Thank you for visiting our website.
    I’m happy to read that you like the Dutch landscape.

    Hope to see you again on our website!


    Jan & Micky

  • Jon K

    Wow ! Very Very Beautiful !

    I liked the picture of lambs, very peaceful…

    Flowers are wonderful too.
    No wonder Holland is call the land of flower !

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