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Queens Day 2011 Amsterdam or Haarlem?


Listen to DJ Armin van Buuren performing live at the Museumplein in Amsterdam on Queens day 30th April 2011 while reading the article

Traditionally the biggest Queens day party is held in Amsterdam every year. About 1.000.000 people come together in Amsterdam to celebrate the birthday of the Dutch Queen.

It’s all about the family on the picture above, or that’s what they think J The family of Orange J Our Queen is the older woman with the hat. The guy standing beside her, with the blond woman at his side, is our Crown Prince “Willem Alexander”. The blond woman is his wife and our future Queen “Maxima”, the others are substitutes in case something happens to Willem and Maxima.

The truth about Queens day is that the Dutch like to party now and then and we always try to find a reason to do so J Queens day on the 30th of April is probably the biggest and the first party in spring. This year the weather was nearly perfect with lots of sunshine and the temperature was about 20 degree Celsius.

Early in the morning a lot of people come to Amsterdam by train. From the central station they walk and dance in to the city to celebrate, all dressed in orange clothes of course. There is music, food and drinks everywhere.

The locals prefer celebrating with their boats on the water in canals. Many people in Amsterdam own a boat for fun and some live on it.

Main event on Queens day in Amsterdam is the music festival at the Museumplein. Every year there are about 200.000 people coming together to dance on music performed by several Dutch artists. This year the main act was DJ Armin van Buuren who is famous around the globe. The best singer of The Netherlands 2011 “Glennis Grace” was also present with her song “Afscheid”. Micky says “She sings as beautiful as Celien Dion”. Well, find out yourself and watch the video beneath.

This year Micky and I preferred staying in Haarlem because it’s less crowded and I’m still recovering from the flue. Haarlem is a beautiful city, west of Amsterdam. It’s said to be the most beautiful city in The Netherlands. It’s much more cosy then Amsterdam to party and to enjoy the free markets. Free markets are a tradition on Queens day all over the country. Mainly children try to sell all kind of stuff for an euro or less.

Most of the time the children get bored soon and so the parents have to sell the stuff all day πŸ™‚ Everything is for sale, including the couch.

Music is also performed in Haarlem but on a smaller scale, that can be refreshing.

Everybody is having a good time enjoying the music, the drinks and the sun. There is still some air to breath without being crushed by the crowd.

Young and bold are enjoying the sun πŸ™‚

Or you can stand in the shadow if you like. There is plenty of space!

These girls were having a “Vegas wedding party” for fun. Everything is possible on Queens day!! The commissar said: I now pronounce you two as wife and ehh wife πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

In Haarlem there are also some boats to spot on the water. We also have canals of course. πŸ™‚

So if you need a little rest or if you just want to watch the boats you can do it here!

Just a beautiful Saturday afternoon in April.

And we have a good time as well πŸ™‚ Still it’s hard to take a picture of yourself with a mobile phone!

So to party or not to party is not the question. On the 30th of April the question is “where do you prefer partying?”.

After a few hours having fun we had dinner at a very nice Pizzeria and returned home after that. It was just a fine day together in Haarlem πŸ™‚



Ik ben Jan en ik woon samen met Micky in Vogelenzang. Deze website gaat over de zaken die ons bezig houden in het leven zoals wonen, reizen, eten, natuur, opmerkelijke artikelen, youtube videos en sport. We houden werk gescheiden van prive, dus geen werk gerelateerde artikelen op deze website. Veel plezier en plaats gerust feedback onder de artikelen. Jan & Micky

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