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Midtsommer Fest i Høyanger Sandvika 2011


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In Sweden it’s custom to celebrate the longest day of the year with a midsummer party. In Norway this is not so common however, because of a Swedish family living in Sandvika this tradition was brought to Høyanger. The last 5 years the midtsommer party was organized by them. Normally the party starts with a giant fire. Weeks before this celebration people of the community bring in wood and old furniture to burn. This year we were invited to join the party and so we looked for some old furniture to burn. This was no problem at all our house is filled with old furniture!

The people sitting beside Micky are our neighbors in Sandvika. It’s custom for everyone to bring their own food and drinks to the party. Norwegians love to barbeque, and they love to drink some beer and wine, so do we! There is plenty of beer and wine and we all have a good time. The bold men sitting beside Micky (Bjørn) started to forget how to speak English after a few beers. Still we had a good time, we can understand a little Norwegian. Ulf Tage (sitting beside Bjørn) is working in a bar and makes sure every one has enough to drink. Beside Ulf Tage is Terje sitting, Terje is a musician and we agreed to play in a band next year on this party. We agreed to play some Rolling Stones songs!

It is the end of June now and still it’s a little cold in the evening. Even Norwegians feel cold sometimes, we are happy with the heaters they brought with them.

This is not only a party for adults, plenty of children are playing together near the fjord while their parents are eating and drinking. We really had a good time this evening and i think everyone did.

Finally the fire is finished but it’s not getting dark here in this time of year. So even around 23.00 hrs the sun is still shining on the mountains.

Around 02.00 hrs it’s already getting a little light. Well, it never was dark?! Ulf Tage seems to be very happy together with Liselotte and his daughter.

There is no more beer and the wine is almost finished, everybody is a little tired and a bit drunk so we decide it’s time to sleep. We had a good time! Partiet var stor!!

Høyanger is located at the Sognefjord in Norway:


Finally the next morning Micky is not feeling so well 🙂

Jan isn’t feeling much better and so we go for a ride along the fjord, best way to lose the hangover 🙂

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Ik ben Jan en ik woon samen met Micky in Vogelenzang. Deze website gaat over de zaken die ons bezig houden in het leven zoals wonen, reizen, eten, natuur, opmerkelijke artikelen, youtube videos en sport. We houden werk gescheiden van prive, dus geen werk gerelateerde artikelen op deze website. Veel plezier en plaats gerust feedback onder de artikelen. Jan & Micky

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