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A short visit to Høyanger November 2010


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Where the **** can i find Høyanger?! You can see beneath.

Flight KLM departure Schiphol at 9:15 to Bergen, on 5th November 2010.

The flight had a hour delay at Schiphol and took off at 10:10. Return ticket Amsterdam – Bergen costs € 190 all in via the KLM website.

We booked the flights a couple of weeks ago, almost immediatly after we came back from Sri Lanka.

Searching a rentcar on the internet, a Norwegian rentcar company Sixt gave the best offer. For 4 days, that’s from 13:00 Friday to 17:00 Monday, is the price around € 200 incl. 700 free kilometers.

It was rainy and cold in Bergen. We first went downtown to do some grocery. At the fishmarket of Bergen we bought some cooked or steamed shrimps (KR 110), smoked salmon (KR 80 ) and a dish of seafood salad (KR 130). In the supermarket we did grocery. We thought that it’d be a bit cheaper in a big city like Bergen than in Høyanger.

On our way to Sognefjord we missed the exit to Knarvik. Instead, we drove straight away and realized that we were driving to the south in the direction of Stavanger. We then turned back to Bergen and followed the same route all over again to the exit to Knarvik. Therefore we had one hour delay and it was completely dark when we arrived at the Northen, our side of Sognefjord. The sun seems to go down at around 17:00 PM in this part of Norway. ?

Stream and autumn leaves in our garden. This time the stream has more water than in the spring.

Saturday evening we had a visit from Randy and Gunnar. Gunnar is still working on his house, this time in the hall to change the hall… as long as we know them, he is working on his house.

They say that he has worked about 13, 14 hours everyday this week. He had difficulty to keep his eyes open at the late evening. ?

As usual, they brought presents with them. A bottle of wine and two candlelight glasses.

The view to the Høyanger city from our new window.

The first snow of this year in town fell already about two weeks ago. The snow came early this year, says Ulf Tager, a neighbour of us, who came up for a talk when he saw us while passing by our house.

There is a lot of fresh snow on the mountains. The sea vessel in front of Hydro aluminium stayed for a couple days more since we were here. After the vessel was gone another sea vessel came and stayed till we left on Monday. It shows that the plant is doing better business.

The plant ‘Fundo’ that was producing aluminium wheels until it went bankrupt during the crisis last year, found a new owner, a Franch company. It is starting the business again, which is a great news. ?

It seems that it snows a little every night.

The colour of the water in the fjord is different than in May and June. Jan went fissing in the afternoon while Micky was gardening. He saw many fishes swimming in the fjord. He cought one fish. Our neighbour Bjørn came along walking his dog. He didn’t see Jan fishing at the fjord and tells that his son is staying with him these days. His son is a professional wheelrunner and is training in Høyanger these days.

Our new window. It gives a lovely view to the garden and the town. We are really happy with it.

The monitor still doesn’t work properly. It’s on for a while and it goes off suddenly.

Blooming roses.

Volkswagen Polo from Sixt. The car is just fine.

Don’t know what the name of this plant is. We bought it in the first year, maybe two or three years ago in the fall in Førde. It was on sale. Because of the beautiful autumn colour of the leaves we bought it. Maybe it carries flowers but we’ve never seen it yet. Last year Micky was too enthousiastic with cutting the unwanted trees in the garden that she accidently cut off a few branches of this plant. Yes it hurt her really badly ! The plant seems to have been recovered well and have even grown a little bigger this summer.

Next spring we will paint the window frames.

This fallen tree has been lying here since last autumn. We heard that it had stormed heavily then.

Last time in May and June, when we were here, Jan thought about removing the tree but abondoned the idea when he realized how hard it would be.

Saturday we stayed home, working in the garden and inside of the house. Sunday afternoon we drove to the Sognefjord in the direction of Balestrand and further to Gaular fjell, the high mountains. Alongside of the fjord the autumn is not over yet.

The top of the high mountains along the Sognefjord is already covered with the fresh snow.

Autumn of the Sognefjord !

Kvamsøy, between Høyanger and Balestrand. This is a small island on the Sognefjord, not far from the main road along the fjord. On the island is a small Norwegian church.

Kvamsøy picnic area

In the earlier period there used to be only a sawmill on this site. Since a couple of years ago, the municipality started to build a rest place on this site. Now there is a couple of buildings with public wachrooms and covered as well as open barbecue areas with tables and nice wooden benches.

Last time when we visited this place we walked along the fjord and saw countless big mussels. This time we didn’t stay long and had neither a walk along the water.

The good old custom of Norwegian, just leave the old building till it rots naturally. Till then a boot can be stored when necessary. 🙂

Some tourists enjoying the autumn scenes and making pictures, just as we do.

Beautiful autumn leaves around the wc buildings.

Between Høyanger and Balestrand. In the distance the Sognefjord in the areas Balestrand, Vik, Drasvik, Vangsnes and Hella.

Just a several meters up to the hill, the winter has made its entrance.

The fall and the winter simultaneously.

Hella. The waterfall along the main road of Sognefjord in the direction of Songdal is still not frozen. There is so much fresh snow already on the top of the mountains along the fjord.

On the way to Balestrand. Saurdal.

Beyond Balestrand and Drasvik, on the way to the high mountain area ‘ Gaular fjell’.

A farm with an old barn 🙂

On the Gaular fjell ( ‘ fjell’ means ‘mountain’ in Norwegian)

No more autumn. We are now in the middle of the winter…

From Høyanger via Gaular fjell and back to Høyanger amounts about 100 km. Høyanger – Vadheim – Gaular fjell – Balestrand – Høyanger, or the other way around. This time we take the other way around, for the very first time.

Gaular fjellet.

Bergen. The paved way to the old house where the Norgian national componist Greeg has spent his late years.

The grave of Greeg and his wife in the rock.

The back yard of Greeg’s residency.

From Greeg’s house.

Entrance to the Greeg’s house.

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