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20 awe-inspiring places selected by tripadvisor

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 Plitvice LakesPlitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

“Breathtaking. Lots of beautiful lakes and falls connecting on different levels.”

“It’s fantastic – it’s phenomenal – it’s so breathtaking – both from below and from the plate.”

“WOW is all I can say! The ride up was an adventure in itself, with amazing views…”

“The whole park is just absolutely majestic… It’s like being on Earth and not on Earth…”

“Words sometimes fail to describe special places… the sheer majesty of the sound…”

“No words to express the beauty of the monument. Beautiful and a must visit place…”

“Lovely and quiet in the winter… Sounds like a giant god cracking his knuckles.”

“WOW! That’s the word that you’ll repeat over and over… anywhere on this gorgeous island.”

“We had an amazing day… We saw whales, sharks, sea turtles and amazing parts of the reef.”

“Trekking to this monastery is truly a life changing experience… Fascinating to say the least!”

“The golden colour of the pavilion amongst the greenery was just perfect.”

“This place is a natural wonder, and it will leave you speechless with the beauty that this place…”

“It’s one of the most magical places on earth, where we got to experience… untouched and unique nature…”

“The bands of color (from red to yellow to blue to black) in the rock formations are quite the sight.”

“The views are simply incredible! Whether you hike, take a helicopter… you will love this magnificent wonder.”

“There are few places on earth that simply take your breath away… this is one. The cascading waters…”

“The scenery is fabulous – desert, volcanoes, lagoons and the wonderful Salar… This is a trip really worth doing.”

“This place is like from another world. Amazing views and a great weekend trip outside of Paris.”

“It was unbelievably beautiful to watch the sunrise over the rim and cast its multicolored rays over the lake.”

“Your first glimpse of this enormous temple literally takes your breath away.”

Ik ben Jan en ik woon samen met Micky in Vogelenzang. Deze website gaat over de zaken die ons bezig houden in het leven zoals wonen, reizen, eten, natuur, opmerkelijke artikelen, youtube videos en sport. We houden werk gescheiden van prive, dus geen werk gerelateerde artikelen op deze website. Veel plezier en plaats gerust feedback onder de artikelen. Jan & Micky

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